"May Adonai bless you and protect you! May Adonai deal kindly and graciously with you! May Adonai lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace!" (Torah, Numbers 6:24-26) And Jesus said, "Allow the little children to come unto me. Forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God. Truly, I say unto you, unless you receive the Kingdom of God as a little child does, you shall not enter therein." (New Testament, Mark 10:14-16)

Sojourning at an Oasis Paradise

My purpose for living this life, and for writing this blog, is to understand the faith that links us to God. I wish to explore and discuss the reality at the heart of all of the world's religions. This is an immense task, but I know that God also has faith in us, trusting that we do desire the truth, as well as freedom, love and wisdom. Thus, as always, He meets us halfway. Even as God has given us individual souls, so we must each of us trace out an individual pathway to God. Whether we reside in the cities of orthodox religion, or wend our solitary ways through the barren wastelands, God watches over us and offers us guidance and sustenance for the journey.

Most of what you will see here is the result of extensive personal study, combined with some careful speculation. Occasionally, I may simply offer some Scripture or an inspirational text. I am a wide reader, and the connection of some topics and ideas to matters of faith and religion may not seem immediately obvious, but perhaps I may spell it out in the end... or maybe, you will decide that it was just a tangent. Anyway, I hope that you will find my meanderings to be spiritually enlightening, intellectually stimulating, or at least somewhat entertaining.

In the coming weeks and months, I intend to transcribe a series of essays that I wrote about 20 years ago in the hope that I might get them published. They represent the nucleus of my spiritual life and the focal point around which my wanderings revolve like an electron in an atom. I hope that they might eventually serve as a springboard for discussions about the common spiritual heritage of humanity. May we come together and embrace each other in peace.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What are we here for?

       It is not enough to simply have a purpose.  Rather, one's purpose must be non-trivial -- one that makes a difference and inspires a desire, even a need to live.  It is not enough that God wishes us to live so as to love and praise Him. That would be merely ego-stroking -- unworthy of our own human souls and of the self-sufficiency of the loving and compassionate Deity.  We are created in the image and likeness of the infinite and all-powerful creative consciousness that summoned this universe into existence. Furthermore, we are the crown of that creation, given a purpose commensurate with our capacity to contemplate and recognize the wonder of the Deity and its creation.  She has given us the job of being stewards of this Earth, and the vision of Heaven.

       It is for us to seek to achieve this vision of Heaven within the range of our own consciousness and accomplishment -- to create Eden here and on all the other worlds that we may be able to reach, and to so transform ourselves in the process that we may find a harmony with any other intelligent species we may meet.  We are given the task, the purpose to bring life into the galaxy we call home, to cherish all of the life forms that we may save from the planet of our birth, and to safeguard the survival of any other kinds of life we may find.

       More, we are meant to encounter other intelligent species, including those here on Earth (the cetaceans), and learn to value and coexist with them, even communicate and share with them.  Such other sentient species also are created in the image and likeness of God, whom they know from their own perspective, and who cares for them just as He does for us.  Intelligent stewardship and organization, cultivation and distribution, even communion with the various forms of life which Deity has created the universe to express... THIS is what we are here for.  That is what it means to be created in the image and likeness of God.  That is our purpose, and it is non-trivial... it is profound and all-important, insofar as it continues the Deity's own work of creation.

       We are created from the elements and laws of the Big Bang, from the dust of exploded stars, from the detritus of once living creatures that evolved to shape the ball of matter we call Earth, and yet it was all done with a purpose... an intelligent plan. WE are the dust motes of consciousness, sparks or shards (depending on your perspective) of God's light seeking the experiences of adventure and community.  It is our individual task to learn to value the ideals of Truth, Freedom, Love and Wisdom, and the principles of justice, equality, fraternity and liberty.  Our experiences are God's, and enrich His/Her Being -- just as they give meaning to our own.

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